Sisley Creek Press

The West is a state of mind shared by cowboys and city folk, young and old alike. It's kept alive in these hectic times through such diverse means as Cowboy Action Shooting TM and the Western novel. Sisley Creek Press is a fledgeling publisher of novels of the American West both past and present. Our goal is to promote the literature of the West as seen through the eyes of authors you may not know, but who will soon become your friends as they take you to a wild land on a ride you'll never forget. We'll do our best to keep you posted on what our authors are up to as well as exciting happenings in the world of Cowboy Action both here and on our blog, Sisley Creek Scribblings.

The authors we'll introduce you to in our bookstore all have a story to tell. Please feel free to pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of Arbuckle's and browse the shelves. Adventure awaits.

Thanks for coming in.
Chuck Buchanan, aka Charlie MacNeil, Prop.