Sisley Creek Bookstore

Bookstores are places that kindle our imagination. The mixed aromas of paper and coffee and the bright colors of the spines and jackets of the collected works and wisdom of the ages entice us to step into their worlds; their siren song draws us onward. A bookstore is a time machine, taking us to places and times we can never truly experience except through the words that greet us with the turning of each page; it transports us to a universe that never was but could some day possibly be. The possibilities are endless.

The majority of the books found on these shelves are fiction; or are they? Who can really say? They are stories of a West, both past and present, that could have been and maybe was. They are the stories of heroes, male and female, who live by the Code of the West no matter where in history they reside. Contrary to popular belief, the West is not dead; it lives on in the words of the authors whose books you'll discover here. You won't see their names on the Best Seller lists yet; what you will find are some of the best-told stories of the West that it is possible to read. Please, step inside and make yourself at home. These authors come from a variety of backgrounds, but they all have two things in common: a love of the old West and a love for dressing cowboy to shoot the guns of yesteryear. Click on an author's name below to visit his or her pages. Welcome!

And we'd like to welcome a new author to the bookstore. Kirsten Badger isn't a cowboy, but she has lived a life of adventure that's ongoing, and her autobiography is new from Sisley Creek Press. It's not a western novel, but it is most definitely a tale of the West.