Don "Flint McCloud" Frazer

The Rafter 45 Chronicles, by Don "Flint McCloud" Frazer, is a series telling the tales of the adventures of Buck Castillo. Mister Frazer has had a life-long love affair with the Western genre.  He cut his teeth on the early Western television programs and the great Western movies of the Silver Screen.  Having family in Texas law enforcement including 19th century Texas Rangers only added fuel to the fire. 


            Don followed in the footsteps of his family in both oral and written story telling and started writing short stories about the west while still in High School.  His “alias” of Flint McCloud started as a character in a short story and he kept it when he started in the western shooting sports.


            The author currently resides in the wilds of Oregon and is working on several projects of the Western genre.  Killing Buck Castillo is his first published offering. Learn more about Flint McCloud and his writing at