Chuck "Charlie MacNeil" Buchanan

Chuck "Charlie MacNeil" Buchanan is the author of "The Deputies" series describing the trails, trials and tribulations of the special deputies of Judge Randolph Martin's Wyoming Territorial Court. He has been a voracious reader all his life and he often felt, like many readers, that there was a novel hiding inside. He has written short stories for years, but only really began writing for public consumption after he joined the Single Action Shooting Society. He began writing what he calls "collaborative fiction" on the SASS website, sharing story-lines with writers around the country. His writing went well enough that people began to tell him, "You should get something published."
     Chuck's first full-length novel, Complications, is a western that chronicles the adventures of Jesse Thompson, a special deputy for the Wyoming territorial court of Judge Randolph Martin. Complications is the first in a series called The Deputies, and has received favorable reviews in several publications; those who have read it have been asking for "the second book".

     Book 2 in The Deputies series is called Tyler's Law. The hero of most westerns, as in Complications, is the tall handsome sort who always gets the girl. Chuck felt that it was time for the western hero to break out of that mold, and Deputy Bowie Tyler does just that.
     Chuck is a shooter and rancher who lives on his wife's family's cattle ranch in eastern Oregon. He and his wife Cheryl have two sons who like to cowboy and team rope. His interests include writing, shooting of all kinds, long distance bicycle touring, hunting, and rodeo. Chuck is also an amateur photographer who specializes in portraits and rodeo action shots. He maintains his own website and a blog, Sisley Creek Scribblings, where he occasionally remembers to let his public know what's going on in his world.