The Sheriff's Betrayal

The Sheriff's Betrayal is Linn Keller's second novel. This modern-day western will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Sheriff Will Keller came into town with an attitude, a shotgun and a great set of legs.
Sheriff Will Keller let it be known the Sheriff's word was law, and made it stick.
Sheriff Will Keller arrested the Mayor and shot up the saloon within a half hour of arriving in town.
Things have been peaceful and quiet as a result.
Until now.
Murder has been done:  not the face to face conflict of loud voices, bared steel, a knife in the gut:  no, this is the coward's murder of a little boy, the poisoning of a helpless, handicapped child in his own bed.
The Sheriff is not happy about this.
There will be justice.
The Sheriff will see to it.