The Sheriff's Journal

The Sheriff's Journal takes Will Keller to another time...

She wore high heels and a .45 automatic, a tailored suit dress with a badge engraved SHERIFF pinned under the lapel.

She had an explosive temper and a glare that could split rocks, and she had light eyes, pale eyes, the color of a glacier's heart -- just like her ancestor, her Great-Great-Grandfather, the second Sheriff of Firelands County, Colorado.

When her husband found the Old Sheriff's personal journal in a hidden compartment of their roll top desk, Sheriff Willamina found a door through which she could step, a door that led to another world, another time.

Follow the Sheriff from the Northern Ohio farm country through the war that tore the young nation apart, through dirty little coal mining towns and corrupt Kansas villages, aboard steam boat and a plow horse, until a final confrontation with a corrupt official shows Sheriff Willamina Keller that she is cut of the same violent, uncompromising cloth as her pioneering ancestor.